What Are the Different Kinds of Shower Tiles?

Need Some Advice on What Type of Tiles to Choose?

There are several different kinds of bathroom and shower tiles available on the market. Which is why it is so important to fully consider all their advantages and disadvantages before you settle on a certain type. Safety is a big issue, so using slick tiles is extremely dangerous. Apart from safety concerns, this kind of tiles is different mostly due to aesthetic reasons. Designing your shower using tiles will be a matter of personal choice.

When choosing shower tiles, you should consider what material and color you want. Different materials will again, depend on personal preference, however, choosing bold tiles, is not always a bad thing. A bright and fresh looking bathroom is wonderful for kids, but a more sophisticated one will impress your guests. Pattern tiles should create the mood you are looking for and not clash with the fixtures in your bathroom. For example, having an old style bath with claw feet will not go well with more retro patterned tiles.

Among the different materials which are used in showers, glass and ceramic tiles are the most popular. Tiles made out of stone can also be used, as well as ones made of concrete, and even linoleum. Some speciality tiles could be made from different materials like metal or resin, however, it is important to ensure these items can withstand the activities which will take place in your bathroom. Regular moisture, in addition to washing, will degrade some speciality tiles extremely fast.

Regarding design, there are various different kinds available for a bathroom. Most people prefer to use larger tiles, due to the fact they are easier to install than their smaller counterparts. Depending on the skill a person has with tiles, it could be possible to create a more complex mosaic pattern.

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